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The Speak Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people overcome the challenges of physical disability or a serious health condition, by providing social support, advocacy, and financial assistance both in the United States and internationally (e.g. sponsorship of orphans with disabilities). You can read more about our mission here.

The Speak Foundation Conference

We hope that you enjoy the slideshow we have created to share special moments from our annual conference over the past five years. We have loved meeting and building relationships with all of those who have attended each year. We hope to see you next summer in Atlanta! 

Stories of Strength

Check out these stories of individuals who have dealt with disability or illness is inspiring ways.


<b>Another Great Book and Proceeds to TSF! Thank you, Chad! </b>Another Great Book and Proceeds to TSF! Thank you, Chad! -

TSF is excited to share an announcement about the Burgett family- fellow "Speakies" and our travel ambassadors! Chad has just released his first book "The Sons of Cain." We are very thankful to say that 10% of all proceeds from his novel will benefit TSF!!! Show your support for C.W. Burgett! Select "read more" to redirect to his website and purchase his book! read more ...

<b>Our 5th Annual TSF Conference!</b>Our 5th Annual TSF Conference! -

We recently held our 5th annual TSF conference in Atlanta! It was a fantastic weekend full of helpful information, inspiring stories, and meaningful social time. We want to thank everyone who traveled from near and far to participate and to share their stories. You make our conferences what they are! We would like to thank all of the volunteers who selflessly served all weekend. We are so very thankful for each of you. And thank you again to each of our incredible speakers- Dr. Cirak of Children's National Medical Center in DC, Deborah Krotenberg with Canine Assistants, Brad Williams of the Jain Foundation, Ms. Wheelchair TN Bliss Welch, and Charles and Spring Reed with Just Because He Lives Ministries. 

Remember, at TSF, we all volunteer our time and depend solely on donations and fundraisers each year to be able to provide our annual conferences. Please prayerfully consider how you might partner with TSF to support our mission- through prayer, volunteering, making a donation, holding a fundraiser, or holding a regional Speak get together in your area! Contact us at with questions or for more information. 

<b>Interested In Attending or Hosting a Regional Speak Foundation Get-Together?</b>Interested In Attending or Hosting a Regional Speak Foundation Get-Together? -

We are excited to announce that TSF has been hosting regional meetings across the country for Muscular Dystrophy support!

So far, there has been a meet-up in Atlanta, Dallas, and the Northeast area. We'd love to see more!! Have you considered planning your own? You can look for these events or promote your own by following us on facebook. Contact us if you have any questions about planning and hosting your own. 

<b>Great Book and Proceeds to TSF- Thank You, Bruce!</b>Great Book and Proceeds to TSF- Thank You, Bruce! -

J. Bruce Carden's fantastic book entitled "Tid Bits of Life" can be purchased through the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and AuthorHouse website. We are very thankful to announce that all author royalities are donated to The Speak Foundation. You can read about this book or purchase it here



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"Today, we're going to make history," said 18-year-old Eric Ramos on the day UT Southwestern Medical Center doctors operated on his ailing heart.